What is SEO and Why do I need it?

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is the process of optimising a website to rank higher on google for a certain term, i.e. Carpet Cleaning than another website such as a competitors. There are many factors that could affect a websites SEO rankings, most importantly a website should have quick load times and be secured with an SSL certificate as poor technical optimisations can greatly affect your results. From there quality content should always come first in an SEO strategy.


How much should I spend and when will I see a return?


Depending on the businesses needs and current stage, the amount that should be spent varies. There is no point spending $500 a month on SEO if it doesn’t provide a return, companies selling products with a low profit margin are less likely to make a return on their investment in the long run. We recommend by starting off with reasonable budget of around $300 per month for 6  months and then re-consult to see whether to ramp up or ramp down budgets. SEO is like investing in the stock market, it provides a return with the right agency over the long term and the more you put in, the more you will get out in the years to come. Unlike paid advertising where you pay per click. Ranking on google can be particularly difficult for websites that are less than a year or so old but not impossible!

Why is quality content so important?


Back in the old days of SEO, you could rank high for a keyword by simply repeating that keyword over and over throughout that page. Nowadays the length and quality of the content on a site is most important. Google naturally will want to show its visitors a high-quality article about dog grooming than a low quality 100 word article. A blog is a great way to engage with visitors, update your site with relevant content and boost your SEO results. Generally content should be between 300 – 1500 words with the higher word count being more preferable. Writing blog posts can be very daunting for busy business owners, we will run past ideas for blog articles that would be relevant to your website and then write them so you don’t need to worry about it.


What else affects SEO?


There are more technical tweaks that can also greatly affect the results from SEO, on-page SEO optimisation techniques can include tasks such as writing captivating descriptions to appear on google. Optimising image names and alt tags to be more relevant to the page and the business, optimising the structure of the website and its speed.


What will you do as my SEO agency


We will tailor our service to your budget and what we believe your business needs. To start each package we optimise the speed, security and user experience of the website to ensure the best possible results.  Weekly tasks take place such as performing on-page SEO techniques and writing quality blog to ensure the rewards from SEO optimisation are consistent, a large part of our job is analysing views and terms that your site is ranking well for, this allows us to have an aim for terms your site should rank well for and the amount of visitors it receives

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